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Reading aloud has a positive impact on reading and language skills of children. But above all, it's great fun! A special moment with your son, daughter or grandchild, at bedtime, in the afternoon on the couch or even on the road.

Storytime encourages the reading of children. By downloading the free Storytime app you always have a story at hand. You can easily search for a story that fits your child or the occasion. Your daughter wants to hear a story about princesses? Or you wish to read no longer than 10 minutes? No problem. Take a pick from the wide range of stories!

The range of stories in the Storytime app gets even bigger if you help us. Do you make up stories for your kids or grandkids? Do you have a vivid imagination? Write down your story or rhyme and let others enjoy it too. Together we will make sure the choice of stories is endless!
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