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Storytime started out in The Netherlands and the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium, where it’s very successful. This is what people said about the Storytime app:

"What a great initiative. I wish you good luck!"
~ Carry Slee (famous Dutch author of children's books)

"The app is a really great idea. There's something for everyone in terms of variety and time. What I also like is that my story is listed, I will certainly try to make more contributions to the app."
~ Greet Tulp-Zondag

"For the childcare the app truly is a godsend! Reading aloud to children of any age is good for their language development and is a moment of special attention. And it's fun! The app has the option to choose a story that suits the age and children's interest. It's very easy to grab the iPad or smartphone and fill some "lost" time in a meaningful manner by reading one of the many stories."
~ A. van Lieshout, owner of Noena Childcare

"Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity! I'm so grateful!"
~ Clyde Whitley (author, USA)

"The app is fantastic, really. We did find some beautifully different stories in the app."
~ Indian Moms Connect (online community of global urban Indian mothers)

"If you are one of these mums and dads or teachers who can bring magic to children with your own words and are happy to share - wonderful!"
~ The Little English Library

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